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When Is Ark’s Fjordur Map Coming Out

by Georgie Peru

With 11 existing Ark maps, fans can expect Ark’s Fjordur map to release in June 2022. This DLC is based on Fjordur – A Nordic Adventure, which can be downloaded on Steam.

As well as the new map being released, Ark players are excited to see a new lineup of creatures coming to Fjordur, including, the Andrewsarchus.

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What Is Ark Fjordur?

Expected in June 2022, Ark’s Fjordur map is made up of four sections. It contains three realms, including Jotunheim, Vanaheim, and Asgard, and takes on a Nordic theme, which will certainly be an interesting addition to the Ark.

If like us, you’re excited about the anticipated launch of Ark 2, Ark’s Fjordur map should keep you entertained while you wait.

Ark Fjordur Creatures

In January 2022, Studio Wildcard announced three new creatures that are due to launch in June 2022 alongside the new map.

  • Andrewsarchus
  • Fjordhawk
  • Desmodus Draculae

It’s worth noting, however, that the Desmodus Draculae has not been fully revealed since it was part of the community creature submission vote for Fjordur.


The Andrewsarchus is an omnivore. Wild Andrewsarchus will mind their own business unless someone or something comes near it, defending its territory against those the same size or smaller than it.

These scavengers will tear into just about anything if hungry, but they do seem to have a sweet tooth. I’ve seen Andrewsarchuses pacified by honey and sweet fruit.

Studio Wildcard, Survive The Ark

From what we gather, you’ll be able to tame an Andrewsarchus by using Honey. Once tamed, Andrewsarchus is useful for gathering pearls since it’s pretty adept in the water.


The Fjordhawk is also an omnivore but despite its size, it can take a decent chunk out of its prey when spotted from above. In the wild, should you encounter a Fjordhawk, it’s worth keeping out of sight.

However, taming a Fjordhawk definitely offers some nice rewards. Simply point out a target and your tamed Fjordhawk will retrieve whatever goodies you like. From injured prey to equipment, the Fjordhawk is a man’s best friend and will look out for you, saving whatever it can should you meet your demise.

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