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Ark Fear Evolved 3

by Kegan Mooney
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It’s almost that time of year again, no not Christmas, Halloween. And that means Ark’s fear Evolved (Ark Halloween event) event is coming!

Ark Fear Evolved is by far the most anticipated event for Ark players all year round.

The event will start on October 22nd and end on November 5th

The event will also bring the following new items into game:

  • Jack O’Lantern Mask
  • Hockey Mask
  • Headless Neck stump
  • Halloween-inspired Dino Colorization Candy
  • Spooky Emotes
  • Panic Emote
  • Spooky Dance Emote
  • Zombie Emote

Personally I can’t wait to freak some people out by sneaking into their base at night, and sneaking up behind them whilst using the zombie emote.

The Ark website has also announced they will be posting a new Ark fear evolved 3 trailer and more details on the event very soon, we will post here with some updates as soon as they do.

If you’ve never joined an Ark fear evolved event you can expect to see some changes to the map, including:

  • Tree’s looking more autumn colored
  • Longer and colder nights
  • Cave creatures above ground
  • Pumpkins & graves scattered around the map

*Ark Fear Evolved 3 Update:

Studio Wildcard have now added a little more information on the Ark Halloween event and as promised here’s our update.

A new Ark Fear Evolved 3 Youtube trailer has now been released showing us some of the awesome new features that have just been announced for the event. The thriller dance is amazing.

Credit: Studio Wildcard

We now also know that during the event Player XP, breading and harvesting will be x2.

New Wild Creature Event Colors:

During the event the following new wild dinosaur colors will be seen roaming the maps.

  • Dino Light Orange
  • Dino Light Red
  • Dino Dark Orange
  • Dino Dark Red
  • DragonBase0
  • DragonBase1
  • Dino Dark Purple
  • Dino Light Brown
  • Dino Dark Brown
  • Dino Light Green
  • Dino Light Grey
  • Dino Darker Grey
  • Dino Light Blue
  • Dino Dark Yellow
  • DragonFire
  • NearBlack

Finally, we now know for sure that the blood moon will be back once again for Ark Fear Evolved 3 to add even more spooky atmosphere for the already terrorized players of the Ark.

As this is the most popular event in Ark we have no doubt there will be more tricks and treats in store, so once again we will update you on the Ark Halloween event if more news or live events surface.

The event is live now, and you can simply jump onto any server to start enjoying it.

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