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Ark Desmodus: What Is It And Where To Find It

by Georgie Peru

If you’ve been keeping up with the latest Ark: Survival Evolved news, then you’ll know that the new Fjordur map is due to release in June 2022, bringing with it new creatures, including Desmodus.

Credit: SurviveTheArk

Desmodus won the second community creature vote and will be launched with the new free DLC map. Taking on a bat-like form, let’s take a look at what the new creature has in store for Ark players.

What Is Desmodus?

desmodus dossier ark

Winning 39,781 votes, Desmodus generated a lot of hype during the creature submissions for Fjordur.

This aggressive creature hunts down its prey during the night and, as expected, likes to hide in dark places. However, if you can lure it away from its cave, it can be tamed and provides useful utility in battle.

Soar through the skies, instilling fear in your enemies with Desmodus as your deadly companion, and gain an undeniable advantage of stealth with the ability to cloak yourself amongst your surroundings.


Desmodus can pick up creatures and people smaller than itself and uses a supersonic-type scream attack to take down its attackers and enemy bases.

It’s pretty nimble and can hover, glide, and swoop, much like the Snow Owl, also seen in Ark.

Once tamed, Desmodus can use its scream to disperse enemies and can pick up small prey to bring back to the player that domesticated it.

The blood thinner in its saliva means it can drain blood from its prey, alongside its sanguine elixir that can enslave other aggressive creatures.

When Is Ark Fjordur Released?

Ark’s Fjordur map is due to release in June 2022. It’s going to be a free, official expansion map for the game and features 3 portals that give you access to 3 different realms.

Expect new creatures, cold environments, and more challenges ahead.

Fjordur is available on the following Ark platforms: Steam, Xbox, PlayStation, Epic, and Stadia.

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