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Animal Crossing New Horizons gets 16 new villagers

by Georgie Peru

The new Animal Crossing 2.0 update is due for release on November 5. Among plenty of cool features, players will be able to meet 16 new villagers.

The 16 new villagers offer a massive variety of animals to love (or hate). With a mixed range of personalities, there’s sure to be something for everyone.

The free Animal Crossing update will be available to download early in November, followed closely by the Happy Home Paradise paid DLC.

Who are the new Animal Crossing villagers?

Bananas! Tiansheng, an orange monkey, could be visiting your island very soon. Revealed on October 15, 2021, this Jock villager boasts a dragon suit and was aptly born on August 18, making him a Leo.

Sasha is a cute blue bunny with a lazy personality. She sports a blue Letter Jacket and can often be heard saying “hoppity” (not to be confused with Bing who thankfully doesn’t feature in ACNH).

Marlo likely shares the same feeling as we all do after a hard day at work. This cranky hamster’s Japanese name “Donchan” could easily be confused with the don in The Godfather.

Shiny and smug, Cephalobot may have been born on April Fool’s day, but he’s certainly no fool. “Donk donk” is his catchphrase and a great addition to your Octopus villager collection.

Petri doesn’t look like a petri dish, but she certainly loves science. This snooty mouse will greet you with an “mmhmm”, styled fashionably with a doctor’s coat.

Possibly one of the cutest additions to update 2.0, Ione will catch your eye with her Astro dress. Unlike other squirrel villagers, Iona’s tail features a solid blue color with sparkles, moving away from the spiral design.

Eagle-eyed and Eagle in species, Quinn is a female purpled feathered eagle with a Sisterly nature.

First appearing in Animal Forest e+, Chabwick’s lazy personality might be an indication as to why he wears a Nine-ball tee. A friendly village, Chabwick enjoys relaxing, fishing, and food.

Other Animal Forest e+ villagers include Ace, the Jock blue bird, Roswell, the lazy alligator, Frett, a cranky dog, Faith, Azalea, Rio, and Zoe.

What About Shino?

If you missed our recent announcement about one of the most popular new villagers coming to Animal Crossing New Horizons, you’re in for a surprise.

Shino, the lovable new deer villager comes with a peppy personality.

A timely addition, Shino shares her birthday with Halloween, one of the most exciting holidays in Animal Crossing.

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