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Shino comes to Animal Crossing in v2.0 update

by Georgie Peru

Coming to the Animal Crossing update 2.0 in November, Shino, a new deer villager, will be ready to steal your heart. Born on Halloween, Shino joins the existing set of deer villagers—Bam, Beau, Bruce, Chelsea, Deidre, Diana, Erik, Fauna, Fuchsia, Lopez, and Zell.

When you first meet Shino, you’ll be greeted with her welcome phrase “okaaay”. With a peppy personality, you can be sure Shino will be friendly, excitable, and easy to make friends with.

What Does Shino In Animal Crossing Look Like?

Shino in Animal Crossing New Horizons is a cream-colored deer with coral horns. She has orange eyes and wears black eyeliner.

Her usual clothes are Morning-glory yukata. If you love Shino, you too can look like her by purchasing the dress-up item. It’s available from the Able Sisters for 2,280 bells.

Shino’s clothes are available in aqua, white, pale green, and dark blue.

When Will Shino Come To Animal Crossing?

The free Animal Crossing 2.0 update will be hitting our Switch screens on November 5.

As well as the free update, ahead of the Happy Home Paradise DLC, the Series 5 Animal Crossing Amiibo cards will released. Included in the cards is Shino.

So, for all those Halloween lovers, deer fans, and Scorpio signs, Shino in Animal Crossing is just around the corner.

Fun Trivia About Shino

If you still can’t get enough of Shino, here are a few fun facts about her.

  • Shino shares her birthday (October 31) with Jack and Label
  • Shino’s Spanish name is “Yuki”
  • Yuki is the Japanese word for snow
  • Shino’s Italian name,”Sakura” means cherry blossoms
  • Shino is #436 in the Amiibo cards collection

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