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Animal Crossing May Day Maze 2021

by Georgie Peru

May Day is this Saturday which can only mean one thing – the return of the Animal Crossing May Day Maze.

If you first played Animal Crossing: New Horizons prior to 7 May, 2020, you may remember last year’s event. For those who played after this event or missed it, this will be your first time completing the Animal Crossing May Day event.

This year’s ACNH May Day Maze will be running between April 29 and May 7. This year brings a brand new maze and plenty of new rewards. Even if you participated in the May Day Maze last year, you’ll hopefully be able to get something new. There’s also plenty of other events like the Cheese Rolling event, seasonal items, and a free seasonal update.

The event this year will be hosted by Rover, a lovable blue cat who has appeared in several previous Animal Crossing games. While Rover’s NPC doesn’t feature as much in ACNH, it’s nice to see him again.

Before you dive into the Animal Crossing: New Horizons May Day Maze, there are some important things you need to know.

How To Get May Day Tickets

Following the latest Animal Crossing free update on April 29, Isabelle will announce the May Day celebrations. Talking to your villagers you’ll see how excited everyone is for the May Day event.

isabelle animal crossing maze

Chances are your villagers will direct you to your Island’s Airport to pick up a May Day Ticket. If not, you know now!

Head over to your airport and speak to Orville. He’ll tell you about the May Day Tour and a special ticket, just for you. Thank you, Tom Nook. Select “I wanna fly!” and when asked where you want to go, choose “Use May Day Ticket”.

Who Can Attend Animal Crossing May Day Maze Event?

The maze for 2021 is described as being available for “veteran” players. Fear not! Players who started after 7 May 2020 will still be able to play the new May Day Maze.

While some rumours suggest new players will have to complete last year’s maze beforehand, I can confirm that this isn’t the case. You can dive straight in to the new maze and reap the rewards.

How To Complete The May Day Maze 2021

This year’s May Day Maze needs to be approached in three parts:

  • Craft a Ladder
  • Find Rover
  • Collect Bell Vouchers

We’ll walk you through each of these stages so you can successfully complete the Animal Crossing: New Horizons May Day Maze. Before you begin, read our May Day Maze tips and tricks to get started.

Animal Crossing May Day Maze: Beginners Tips

When you head off to the May Day Event, you’ll leave everything in your inventory with Orville. This means you won’t be able to take anything with you. Don’t worry, you’ll get all your items back when your return.

acnh orville may day

If you get stuck at any point during the maze, you can return to Wilbur near the plane. He will provide you with a few hints. As you can imagine, he’s not going to reveal all, so the tips are quite generic. Unlike you normally would be able to, Wilbur won’t be able to offer you replacement tools.

You can use your Nook Phone at any point to make a call to the “Rescue Service”. This will reset the maze which is super helpful if you’ve lost your way. It will, however, cost you 100 Nook Miles per rescue. I’m sure most of you will have plenty of Nook Miles, but if not, follow our tips and tricks to get some Nook Miles, quickly.

1. Crafting a Ladder

Before you enter the maze, pick up the shovel and use it on the shrub to the right of you. Here you can pick up 1 fruit. Eat the fruit then dig the tree that’s blocking the path, allowing you to enter the maze.

animal crossing starting maze

Collect everything that you’re able to which will include Wood (x2) and Fruit (x2). You’ll need to jump over the water to access the fruit.

animal crossing new horizons maze tutorial

Go all the way to the left and dig up the shrub. Continue heading left and jump over the water to pick up Softwood (x1). There’s a Ladder recipe here if you need it, but chances are you won’t need to grab it.

To the north, you’ll find a Workbench, but don’t get too excited as you won’t be able to use it at the moment.

Eat some Fruit and break the rock with your Shovel. Next, go up and turn right, cross the water, and collect Softwood (x2).

Eat some more Fruit and dig the tree. The path down from you will now be clear. Jump over the water to collect Fruit (x2).

Go all the way back around, jumping over the water to get back to the central clearing where you first entered. This time, go right and eat some Fruit to break the rock that’s blocking the path.

rock animal crossing maze

Pick another Fruit (x1), eat it, and dig the tree. Collect the Hardwood (x2) and jump over the water. Now you’ll need to eat your last piece of Fruit to dig up the tree.

acnh maze guide

When you’re in the next area, pick up Fruit (x1), and Wood (x2). The angle here is a little tricky, so be sure to look around as they can be hidden between the hedges.

Go back to the start of this area and jump over the water. Collect Softwood (x1) from the clearing.

Retrace your steps back to the left-hand side of the maze, reaching the Workbench you passed earlier. Eat a piece of Fruit, break the rock next to the Workbench, then take Hardwood (x2).

Now that you have every type of wood you can return to the Workbench to craft a ladder.

animal crossing crafting ladder

2. Locating Rover

Now that you’ve got a ladder you can navigate between the different levels of the maze. Near where the ladder recipe was earlier, you may have noticed a toolbox on the cliff. Use your ladder to climb up to collect a Worn Axe. Now it’s time to find that pesky little cat!

worn axe acnh

Note: Do not chop any trees down until the guide says to, otherwise you’ll lose your Worn Axe and will have to restart the maze!

Retrace your steps back to the right-hand side. In the central area, jump across the water to the tree that’s blocking the path on the left.

Use your Worn Axe to chop the tree down. The axe will break but don’t worry, you don’t have any use for it now.

animal crossing axe

Using your shovel, dig up the stump.

Using your ladder, climb the cliff and collect Fruit (x2). Dig up the shrub and climb back down to where the shrub was blocking the path.

Go past the Workbench to the two trees that are blocking the path. Eat 2x Fruit and dig both of the trees out.

Follow the path and climb the cliffs that are blocking the way. Pick up Fruit (x3) and climb down the other side.

Dig up the shrub then jump over the water. Now you’ll be back to familiar territory.

Go around the water until you reach the tree at the top of the maze. Eat a piece of fruit and dig the tree in front of you.

Use your ladder to climb the cliff up to Rover. Talk to Rover and tell him how you’re feeling (you can be honest).

animal crossing rover

Optional: From Rover, you can take your ladder and climb down the cliff to reach the beach. Run back to the beginning then dig up the shrubs and jump over the water to the middle. You’ll be back at the start of the maze.

animal crossing maze

Don’t be tempted to leave just yet as if you want to return, you’ll need to run through the maze again.

3. Collect Bell Vouchers

Once you’ve spoken to Rover, you can leave the island if you want to. You will have completed the maze and Tom Nook will recognize this.

However, if you want to claim some Bell Vouchers before leaving, you’ll need to re-enter the maze to collect them. Here’s how to get all of the Bell Vouchers from the Animal Crossing May Day Maze.

Use your ladder to climb down the cliff to the left of Rover’s clifftop. Dig up the shrub blocking your path to the left and collect the Bell Vouchers (x4) below.

bell vouchers animal crossing maze

Head to the top of the island where you can run along all the way to the left. Here you’ll need to eat some Fruit then break the rock to collect Fruit (x2).

Leave the area and go left onto the beach where you can run to the bottom of the maze. Eat all of the remaining Fruit in your inventory and break the three rocks. Pick up the Bell Vouchers (x5).

Dig up the shrubs to your right and you’ll be back at the start of the Animal Crossing May Day Maze.

willbur animal crossing

Congratulations! You’ve now completed the maze! Now you can go back to Wilbur to leave the island. He will mail your Bell Vouchers to you.

Animal Crossing May Day Maze Rewards 2021

Once you return to your island you can head over to Resident Services and talk to Tom Nook. He won’t give you any rewards but will instead congratulate you on your efforts. He will thank you for taking part in the May Day celebrations.

acnh tom nook maze

You’ll need to wait until your Bell Vouchers are mailed to you, so check your mailbox each day. You have nine Bell Vouchers which can be exchanged for 27,000 Bells.

Rover will send you a letter too, which will include Rover’s Photo which is an extra bonus reward for completing the Animal Crossing May Day Maze – well done!

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