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How to Go to Work in Animal Crossing: New Horizons

by Georgie Peru

The release of the Animal Crossing: New Horizons Update 2.0 is now live. The free content update offers plenty of new extra content, including new Animal Crossing villagers like Shino.

However, there is also the game’s first paid DLC: Animal Crossing: New Horizons Happy Home Paradise to purchase. This DLC unlocks the ability to go to work in Animal Crossing, designing villager’s dream holiday homes.

To start working as a vacation home designer in Animal Crossing, you’ll first need to purchase the DLC. You can do this via the Nintendo eShop, or using the Nintendo Online Subscription + Expansion pack.

How to Start Your New Job in Animal Crossing

Once the DLC has been downloaded and installed, you can get straight to work.

Tom Nook will ask you to join him at the airport. Here, you’ll be introduced to Lottie. She will offer you a job position at her island resort, designing vacation homes for villagers.

When you’re ready to work in Animal Crossing: New Horizons, simply head to the airport and speak to Orville.

happy home paradise overview

Once you land, you’ll be greeted by Niko. Niko works with Lottie and will be your companion to help and support you while you get to work in Animal Crossing.

animal crossing niko

Niko will ask you to follow him to Lottie once you’re ready. After a little introduction, Lottie will tell you to go upstairs to get changed into your work uniform.

Once you’ve got dressed, you can speak to Lottie again to start your first job in Animal Crossing: New Horizons Happy Home Paradise.

Completing Your First Job in Animal Crossing

Lottie will introduce you to your first client. Here, he or she will speak to you about their specific requirements. In my case, Eloise asked me to create a “relaxing reading room”, containing three specific items.

animal crossing my relaxing reading room happy home paradise tutorial

A spot has already been picked out on an island for your first client. This is simply an introduction to how to design holiday homes in Animal Crossing. Don’t worry, you’ll get to choose which villagers you work for and where their homes will be located once you complete the initial tutorial.

happy home paradise animal crossing vacation home

From here, Niko will run through how you can choose and place items in the villager’s holiday home.

happy home paradise dlc animal crossing design

The controls are pretty much the same as designing your own home, however, you can choose items from a dedicated catalog.

happy home paradise essential items

There are several tabs to choose from, including items that suit the style the villager wants, as well as all of the items you can “purchase”.

happy home paradise item catalog

Note: You do not need to spend any of your own bells when designing a villager’s holiday home. All items are free, and you can use as many as you like.

When you’re ready to show your client their new re-designed holiday home, you can speak to Niko. Providing you include the items the client asked for, they will show their appreciation for your design and thank you for a job well done!

Getting Paid in Animal Crossing: Happy Home Paradise

After you’ve finished the tutorial, Niko will take you back to Lottie. She’ll ask you how the first job went and will reward you with 6,000 Poki.

lottie animal crossing poki

Poki is the currency used in the particular region for Happy Home Paradise.

spending poki in animal crossing

You won’t be able to spend Poki on your home island, but you can spend it on the vacation island, similar to how you would in Nook’s Cranny.

How to Get More Work

talking to niko in happy home paradise

Now that you’ve completed the job for your first client, you can take on work from other villagers on the island. Niko will go through how to do this, but it’s as simple as walking past each villager and speaking to them if you want to work for them.

villagers in happy home paradise

Talking to a villager will start the process of work in Animal Crossing: Happy Home Paradise. Much like the first client, you’ll sit down with Lottie and the villager to discuss their requirements.

a soothing spa site animal crossing

This time, however, you’ll be able to choose the perfect island and vacation spot for each villager. You can have multiple villagers on the same island.

You can also change the weather on each part of the island, so if someone specifically wants somewhere warm or cold, you can satisfy their preferences.

choosing a location happy home paradise

As well as being able to design the interior of the villager’s vacation home in Animal Crossing, you can also design the exterior. You can terraform the land, add slopes, and even add items outdoors.

exterior design animal crossing

When you have finished working on your next vacation home in Animal Crossing, Niko will introduce you to the Happy Home Paradise catalog. This is a collection of photos for their portfolio, much like you’d see at a Real Estate agent.

happy home paradise dlc portfolio

Once you’ve finished, speak to the client and show them their new vacation home. You can return to Lottie with Niko and earn more Poki for the work you’ve completed in Animal Crossing.

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