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How to Unlock and Decorate the School in Animal Crossing: New Horizons

by Georgie Peru

Ready to start designing a school in Animal Crossing? Once you’ve finished decorating your fourth vacation home in Animal Crossing: New Horizons Happy Home Paradise, speak to Lottie.

animal crossing happy home paradise school permit

She will inform you that she has the permit to turn one of the empty facilities on the island into a school.

As you can imagine, this means you’ll be able to design a school in Animal Crossing. But, there’s more to just designing it. You can also specify the exterior wall, roof, door, and bell colors.

Within the school itself, you can enlarge or decrease the size of the school. This gives you more freedom to tap into your creative side in Animal Crossing.

Table of Contents

  1. Designing the Exterior
  2. Animal Crossing School Design
  3. Assigning a Teacher
  4. Poki Rewards + Bonus Poki

Designing the Exterior

When you’re ready, Lottie will take you to the facility which will become a school.

exterior design school in animal crossing: new horizons

Here, she’ll give you the option to redesign the school’s exterior in Animal Crossing: New Horizons.

Similar to how you would on your island, you can change the exterior wall’s color. There’s a limited choice, but enough to work with.

In addition to the walls, you can change the roof, door, and the color of the bell.

Note: Unlike the vacation homes, you cannot add items to the outside of the school in Animal Crossing.

Animal Crossing School Design

When you take on a new client in Animal Crossing’s Happy Home Paradise, they will have certain requirements.

animal crossing designing your first facility

With the school facility, there are also requirements. The school must have at least one teacher’s desk, four chairs, and two student desks.

Upon entering the school in Animal Crossing, you’ll notice the area is the same size as the vacation homes. It’s not a lot to work with, especially when you consider the amount you need to cram in.

changing the room size in animal crossing

Thankfully, Lottie will tell you about a new feature. You can expand the size of the room by pressing the down arrow on the D-Pad. After this, press the left arrow, and you’ll be able to adjust the size of the room.

animal crossing school entryway

You can make adjustments to the length and width, as well as change the design of the entrance hallway flooring.

I decided to make my school’s design 10×10. You can choose lots of items from the catalog to make your school’s design in Animal Crossing just the way you like it.

animal crossing school catalog

From accent walls to anatomical skeletons, hamster cages to chemistry sets; there’s a lot more to play with when designing the school.

Assigning a Teacher

When you’re happy with your school in Animal Crossing, you can take some photos for your portfolio.

Speak to Lottie, and she’ll ask you if you could recommend the best-placed villager to become the teacher of your new school. I chose Eloise as I felt she had the kind of teacher vibe I was looking for.

school opening in animal crossing

However, you will get a choice from all of the previous clients you’ve designed vacation homes for in Happy Home Paradise.

The last thing to do is to give your school a name. Soon it will be filled with students eager and ready to learn.

Happy Home Paradise Poki Rewards

animal crossing talking to lottie about the school

As the school was a larger task than previous vacation homes, you’ll get generously rewarded by Lottie for your efforts. By designing the school in Animal Crossing, you’ll get 25,000 Poki!

animal crossing poki paid for designing school

Although it’s a handsome amount of Poki, you can earn an additional 5,000 Poki by choosing to redesign the school once you’ve finished.

Talk to Lottie and tell her you want to “remodel the school”. When I did this, I simply changed the entrance hallway and made no other changes.

animal crossing school remodel

For doing such a small job, I got paid 5,000 Poki – nice!

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