Animal Crossing DLC: Happy Home Paradise

Animal Crossing DLC: Happy Home Paradise

by Kegan Mooney

Animal Crossing: New Horizons took the world by storm when it was released in March 2020, and now over a year later it’s still going strong.

Since its release, there have been a number of seasonal events to take part in, as well as new content patches to keep your island decorating fresh.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons is Getting it’s First Paid DLC

The new DLC has been called Animal Crossing Happy Home Paradise and lets players push their design ideas further than ever before without directly affecting their own islands or homes.

When watching the new AC:NH DLC video, the first thing I noticed is just how long it is, at almost 10 minutes long, there’s a lot of new content and features to cover.

What’s New in Animal Crossing Happy Home Paradise?

The main theme of the new Animal Crossing DLC is around building the dream vacation home for your animal friends, taking charge of an entire vacation island and their dream home, and updating everything, from the interior to the garden.

New Currency

Your work designing animals’ dream homes doesn’t go unrewarded, in fact, there is a brand new currency which you can get paid in, called Poki, with a new shop and items for you to purchase.

Partitions & Counters

Break up bigger rooms with partitions and counters, create several smaller rooms, or go for a stylish open plan kitchen and lounge by mixing together pillars, partitions, and counters.

Using partitions, there are now tons of ways you can create unique and stylish vacation homes.

Light and Sound

Make the perfect environment by adding both soundscapes and moos lighting to your favorite animal’s dream homes.

Multiple Locations

Choose where to build the vacation home across a map filled with tons of cool locations, from a perfect waterfall dream home to a ski cabin on top of a snowy mountain, pick the right location for the type of vacation.

Much more

As well as all the above, there are tons of new items, features, and locations to explore, no matter if you are a returning player, or a veteran looking for more to do, you won’t be disappointed with everything on offer with this brand new DLC.

Use The New Animal Crossing DLC Features on Your Main Island

One of my favorite things about this upcoming Animal Crossing DLC is that you are able to use everything that you learn from building vacation homes on your main island.

I personally cannot wait to see what people will do with their homes, with all this new creative freedom that comes with the Animal Crossing Happy Home Paradise DLC.

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