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All Grounded Smoothie Recipes So Far

by Kegan Mooney
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I’ve spent the past few days becoming a miniature smoothie making maniac, just to bring you all the recipes and effects, or at least all the Grounded smoothie recipes to date, this may change as more updates come out.

With Grounded being in early access at the moment, there is a high chance that more smoothies will get added to the game, please do feel free to contact us if this happens and we happen to miss any from the list.

Grounded Smoothie Recipes:

Surviving in the Honey I shrunk the kids style miniature world can be a nightmare, thankfully there are some tips and tricks that can help you become a better survivor, creating and using smoothies is one of those tips that can really help make the difference between life and death.

  • Fuzz on the Rocks – Mite Fuzz, Quartzite and a Pebblet (Replenishes thirst, heals, and temporarily increases max health)
  • Gastro Goo – Honeydew, Gas Sack and a Fungal Growth (Toxin defence, heals and replenishes thirst)
  • Worker’s Comp – Ant Head, Ant Mandible and an Ant Part (+2 Hauling strength use this with ant armour and you can carry 10 grass or stems!)
  • Green Machine – Plant Fibre, Sprig and a clover leaf (Temporarily increases max stamina, heals, Replenishes thirst)
  • Hedge Lord – Acorn Bits, Aphid Honeydew and a Berry Chunk (Lowers hunger and thirst reduction rates, heals)
  • Liquid Gills – Plant Fibre, Clover Leaf and a Water Flea Meat (Adds temporary water breathing ability)
  • Liquid Rage – Ant Mandible, Spider Fang and a Larvae Spike (Replenishes Hunger, Heals, increase attack damage temporarily)
  • Boost Juice – Aphid, Acorn Bits and a Mushroom (Replenishes hunger, heals, increases max stamina temporarily)

For now these are the only smoothies I am aware of, but if I have missed anything, or something gets added please do let me know.

At the moment Grounded is rapidly becoming one of my favourite games and I love writing about it and creating how to guides to make sure readers know how to survive the back yard, so check in on our Grounded hub or subscribe to it so you can keep up to date with the latest news, reviews and guides.

I hope this Grounded smoothie guide helped you to stay safe in the back yard, don’t forget to check in after updates as I will make sure to keep this article updated regularly with updates as new Grounded smoothies come out.

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