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All choices & endings: Detroit Become Human

by Kegan Mooney
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*Contains Spoilers*

As discussed on our other post Detroit Become Human uses the butterfly effect as the basis of its game. As such it has multiple endings that are caused or affected by your actions throughout the game.

The article is a list of all the endings, our thoughts on them, how they came to be and much more. If you have not completed the game or do not wish to know all of the endings, we do not recommend reading this until you are ready to do so.

Detroit: Become Human is a game about choices. Throughout the game you will be presented with decisions to make; whether a character lives or dies, the choice to make or break a friendship, whether to tell the truth or lie. The choices you make do make a difference to the game, to the characters, and to the ending.

Each of the main characters (Kara, Markus and Connor) can experience different endings depending how you’ve played the game. I don’t actually know how many endings there are because there are so many choices in the game it would be hard to calculate. I’m going to outline the main (likely) outcomes for each of the main characters. It goes without saying, there will be spoilers ahead…

Detroit: Become Human – Kara’s Endings

Detroit Become Human
Kara and Alice

Kara and Alice survive: you can guide Kara and Alice safe passage to the Canadian border if you can keep all the main characters alive in the game.

Murdered by Todd: during Stormy Night, if you fail to protect Alice, he will kill both characters.

Killed at the Canadian border: if you’ve directed Markus to lead a violent revolution, a sacrifice will be made at the Canadian border. If Kara doesn’t sacrifice anyone she will be killed. If Luther is with you at this point he will also be killed.

Kara lives and Alice dies: there are several aspects to this ending, either way it’s not a nice one. If Alice is unhappy during the part at the recycling centre, she will get into trouble requiring you to intervene. If you don’t intervene in time, she will be shot. You can actually escape the recycling centre without her as an alternative.

Kara dies and Alice lives: you can choose to sacrifice yourself (Kara) at the Canadian border in order for Alice to escape in one piece.

Detroit: Become Human – Markus’ Endings

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Killed during the Freedom March: if you choose to stand your ground at the end of the freedom march, Markus will be shot.

Peaceful protest, make a deal: if you choose to make a deal during the peaceful protest, Markus will be shot.

Markus lives through the peaceful protest: if you don’t accept the deal during the peaceful protest, Markus won’t be shot (yay)! When you’re cornered at the end, if you choose to kiss North or sing to the soldiers, Markus will survive.

Markus is killer by Connor: if you don’t break Connor and he remains a fully-fledged Android, he may choose to tear Markus apart and kill him.

Detroit: Become Human – Connor’s Endings

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Connor dies: during the game there are actually multiple occasions where Connor can die. For example, when Connor turns deviant, if he doesn’t escape Amanda’s hack he can commit suicide (if Markus has died). The easiest way for Connor to die is to fail a load of quick time events (QTEs).

Connor survives: Connor can survive both as a machine or a deviant. If you decide Connor is going to stay as a machine, he will need to fight Markus (or whoever is the leader). If you choose to become deviant then you will need to escape from Amanda’s hack.

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