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How to Level Up Quickly in 7 Days to Die

by Georgie Peru

Leveling up in 7 Days To Die Alpha 20 can be done quickly if you know how to. When your character levels up, you’ll have skill points that you can spend in the game on different perks.

7 Days To Die Perks

There are five different perk attributes you can assign points to in 7 Days To Die. These are:

  • Perception
  • Strength
  • Fortitude
  • Agility
  • Intellect

Within each attribute, you can spend skill points on different perks like “Dead Eye” which helps you when using rifles. Or perhaps you want to be able to carry more loot, in which case you can invest in “Pack Mule”.

If you want to simulate your 7 Days To Die skill points, you can use this skill point calculator.

Now that you understand why you need to level up in 7 Days to Die, it’s time to find out how you can do this in the fastest possible way.

1. Sell Items at the Trader

The last part of the tutorial or starting quest when you first play 7 Days To Die is to find the nearest trader. Once you’ve reached the trader, you’ll be able to buy and sell items.

When you sell items, you’ll earn Duke’s Casino Tokens. Each Duke’s Casino Token earned will grant you 1 XP. So, if you sell an item or multiple items that are worth 500 Duke’s Casino Tokens, you’ll get 500 XP.

To further increase your chances of getting XP from the trader, you can invest in Sugar Bites which gives you +10% to Bartering, and Grandpa’s Awesome Sauce which gives you +20% to Bartering.

If you happen to loot a pair of Nerdy Glasses, you’ll also get +10% XP gain. Other ways to increase your XP and Bartering include:

  • Cigar: +10% Bartering
  • Magnum Enforcer Vol 4: Bartering with a .44 gun gives you +5%
  • Better Barter perk: Buying and selling gives you a percentage increase (5% per level, up to 25%)
  • Grandpa’s Learning Elixir: +20% XP gain

Using all of the items and perks listed above, you can earn an extra 100% XP for each item sold. So if you sell an item for 238 Duke’s, you will get +309 XP.

If you have some spare tokens, you can sell then re-buy the items sold to the trader almost an unlimited number of times to rack up your XP and level up fast in 7 Days To Die.

2. Harvest Resources

There are several resource piles in 7 Days To Die that can be harvested for a decent amount of XP. Resource piles include:

  • Cobblestone Pallets
  • Concrete Pallets
  • Stone Pallets
  • Paper Rolls
  • Carpet Rolls
  • Wood Piles

You’ll gain XP for destroying these items, plus you’ll get some resources from them which you can sell to the trader or use when crafting.

3. Mining Resources

Mining resources in 7 Days To Die gives you XP which allows you to level up faster. If you invest skill points into Mining 69er, you’ll be able to break resource blocks down more easily. Thus, it requires less effort to gain more XP.

From stones to iron ore, there are plenty of resources to mine in 7 Days To Die.

Combine Mining 69er with Motherlode, and you’ll be able to break down blocks faster and obtain more resources per block. Things also become easier if you use better tools, like an Auger to break through blocks very quickly.

Once you’ve read The Art of Mining Vol 5, you’ll be able to craft resource stacks (e.g. 6000 wood) which gives you a huge XP bonus.

Note: The XP diminishes with each stack of resources you craft.

4. Upgrading Blocks

Placing a Frame Shape in 7 Days To Die will allow you to upgrade it, if eligible. If you place a Frame Shape and upgrade it to wood, you’ll get XP for doing this.

If you’re working on your base, especially when underground, it’s easy to level up in 7 Days To Die by simply mining resources like stone, then upgrading Frame Shapes.

5. Screamer Farming

Killing zombies is the best way to gain a lot of XP and level up quickly in 7 Days To Die. But unless you’re prepared to go out and find them, or wait until horde night, it can take a while to kill a lot of zombies at once.

However, attracting Screamers to your base can be a great way of getting some much-needed XP. Screamers are attracted to heat sources; one of the best being the Torch.

Whether you decide to invite Screamers to your base or create a dedicated Screamer farm, you’ll find the heat map increases with the more torches you place.

6. Quests

You can pick up quests from the trader by choosing the “Do you have any jobs?” option. The XP you receive from completing quests will depend on any XP bonuses you have from items and the tier of the quest.

Completing quests tends to be fairly simple. You’ll either need to fetch an item or clear an area and return it to the trader for some easy XP and bonus rewards.

When completing all tier 1 quests, for example, you’ll get to choose a reward from multiple options. The tier 1 completion quest in 7 Days To Die Alpha 20 offers you the opportunity to select the Bicycle. This makes it much easier to complete quests since you can retrieve and do them much faster. Thus, you can level up quicker in 7 Days To Die.

7. Sharing XP With A Friend

If you’re playing 7 Days To Die with a friend, you can earn some easy XP by simply playing in a nearby area. When a player kills a zombie, you’ll get a share of the XP without lifting a finger!

If you’re playing on a multiplayer server, you can adjust the PartySharedKillRange value which is set in meters. For example, 10,000 would equate to 10km.

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