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7 Days To Die Console Commands Guide

by Georgie Peru

7 Days To Die console commands are useful for a variety of purposes. This includes a single-player game where a player wants to experiment with advanced options and commands. It’s also used for game development and server owners who want to tweak settings, kick players, or spawn items.

Please note, these are different to 7 Days To Die cheat mode.

How To Use 7 Days To Die Console Commands

Using console commands in 7 Days To Die is fairly simple once you know how to.

US and EU keyboards: Press F1

US keyboards only: Press “

EU keyboards only: Press @

Scandinavian keyboards only: Ö/Ø/F2

Spanish keyboards only: Ñ

Full List of 7 Days To Die Console Commands

NameConsole CommandDescription
adminadmin [‘add’ / ‘remove’ / ‘list’] [steam id / player name / entity id] [permission level]You can use the admin command to manage user permissions, including being able to add/remove players from the admin list.
aiddebugaiddebugEnable or disable the AIDirector debug output.
banban [‘add’ / ‘remove’ / ‘list’] [steam id / player name / entity id] [duration + duration unit] [“message”]Manage your server’s ban list by banning or unbanning specific players.
buffbuff [buff id]Apply buffs to local players, including yourself.
buffplayerbuffplayer [steam id / player name / entity id] [buff id]Apply buffs to any player in the game.
chunkcachechunkcacheThis console command is used to show all the loaded chunks in the cache.
clearclearThe clear command will help you to clear all output text in the command console.
cpcp [‘add’ / ‘remove’ / ‘list’] [command] [0 – 1000]This command is used to add a command to the command permission list with the desired permission level.
creativemenucreativemenuEnable or disable the creative menu.
debuffdebuff [buff id]This command is used to remove a buff from a local player or yourself.
debuffplayerdebuffplayer [steam id / player name / entity id] [buff id]You can use this command to remove a buff from any particular player by specifying his id in the syntax.
debugmenudebugmenuTurn on or off the debug mode. You can specify in the syntax whether you want to on or off the mode.
exhaustedexhaustedThe exhausted command will result in making the player exhausted.
exportitemiconsexportitemiconsThis console command is used to export all the item coins to the game folder.
getgameprefgetgamepref [string]This command is used to print the list of current game preferences to the console.
getgamestatgetgamestat [string]Print the list of current game stats to the console.
gettimegettimePrint the current number of days and time.
givequestgivequest [quest id]Give yourself a quest. You can specify the quest id in the syntax.
giveselfgiveself [item id] [quality level (1-6)]This console command allows you to give yourself the specified item using the specified quality level.
giveselfxpgiveselfxp [xp amount]You can give yourself XP by using this command. You have the option to specify the amount you need to have.
helphelp [command]The help command is used to print the help text for supported commands.
kickkick [steam id / player name / entity id] [“kick message”]You can kick any particular player from the game using this command. You can specify the player id to kick him/her out.
kickallkickall [“kick message”]The kickall console command is used to kick all the players from the game.
killallkillallKill all the players and entities in the game.
lightslightsTurn on or off the light around any light-emitting objects.
listentslistentsWill list all the zombies, players, animals in the game.
listplayeridslistplayeridsYou can list all the players and their ids using this console command.
listplayerslistplayersThis console command will list all the players with IDs, positions, health, stats, IP address.
listthreadslistthreadsYou can execute the listthreads console command to list the threads.
loggamestateloggamestate [header] [true / false]Writes the information on the current state of the game.
loglevelloglevel [log level] [true / false]Determines which types of log messages are shown on the connection. You can disable it using the same command.
memmemThis command will result in printing the memory information and calls garbage collector.
memclmemclPrints the memory information on client and calls garbage collector.
pplistpplistThis console command will print the persistent player data.
removequestremovequest [quest id]You can remove any particular quest from the game with the help of this console command.
repairchunkdensityrepairchunkdensity [x z] [‘fix’]Checks to see if the densities of blocks in a chunk match the actual block type.
saveworldsaveworldYou can save the world manually by executing this console command.
saysay [“message”]Sends a server message to all connected clients.
setgameprefsetgamepref [game preference] [value]Set the game preference to your desired value. You can specify the game pref and value in the syntax.
setgamestatsetgamestat [game stat] [value]Set any game statistic to your desired value.
settempunitsettempunit [c / f]Set the temperature unit to Celsius or Fahrenheit.
settimesettime [‘day’ / ‘night’] [0-24000] [d hh mm]You can specify the time of day or night in the syntax.
showalbedoshowalbedoHide or unhide the albedo in the gBuffer.
showchunkdatashowchunkdataShow some data of the current chunk.
showcloudsshowclouds [texture file name]Shows one layer of commands.
shownexthordetimeshownexthordetimeDisplay the wandering horde time.
shownormalsshownormalsShow or hide the normal maps in gBuffer.
showspecularshowspecularDisable the display of specular values in gBuffer.
shutdownshutdownInstantly shuts down the game.
sounddebugsounddebugEnable or disable the SoundManager debug output.
spawnairdropspawnairdropSpawns an air drop.
spawnentityspawnentity [player id] [entity id]Lists entities that you can swpan.
spawnscoutsspawnscouts [steam id / player name / entity id] [x y z]Summon a screamer.
spawnscreenspawnscreenThe spawnscreen command will display the spawn screen.
spawnsupplycratespawnsupplycrateSpawn a supply crate above the player.
spawnwanderinghordespawnwanderinghordeYou can summon a wandering horde of zombies.
spectrumspectrum [spectrum id]The console command will force a lighting spectrum. You can specify the id of your desired light spectrum.
starvestarveThis results in making the player hungry.
staticmapstaticmapSwitches the Navazgane map between static and dynamic.
switchviewswitchviewSwitches the player view between 1st person and 3rd person views.
systeminfosysteminfoPrint info about the current system CPU or operating system.
teleportteleport [steam id / player name / entity id] [x y z] [offset x y z] [view direction]Teleport yourself to any location in the game.
teleportplayerteleportplayer [steam id / player name / entity id] [steam id / player name / entity id] [x y z] [view direction]Teleport the target player to the target location.
thirstythirstyThis results in making the player thirsty.
traderareatraderareaThe trade area command shows all the traders in the game.
versionversionPrint the current version and any installed mods.
water limitwater limit [amount]This controls the flow of water in the game.
weatherweather [weather setting]Change the weather settings in 7 Days To Die.
weathersurvivalweathersurvival [‘on’ / ‘off’]Weather survival on or off.
whitelistwhitelist [‘add’ / ‘remove’ / ‘list’] [steam id / player name / entity id]You can add or remove any particular player in the white list with the help of whitelist by specifying the parameters in the syntax of the command.

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