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7 Days To Die Alpha 20 Release

by Georgie Peru

7 Days To Die players can now play Alpha 20 (A20) via the public experimental build. Since its initial release into early access in December 2013, 7 Days To Die has come on leaps and bounds.

Without a doubt, A20 is the largest content drop survivors have ever seen. Most notably, there’s a new random gen world creation that includes new cities for players to explore.

How to Play 7 Days To Die Alpha 20 Beta

To opt into 7 Days To Die’s Alpha 20 experimental build, you’ll need to configure some of your Steam settings.

  • Right-click on 7 Days To Die in your Steam library
  • Select Properties
  • Click on the Betas tab
  • Choose the latest_experimental option from the drop-down menu
  • Wait for the game to download

You’ll now have access to the 7 Days To Die A20 branch, allowing you to explore and enjoy the new A20 content.

Alpha 20 Release Notes

Before playing A20, it’s important to note that it is not compatible with previous Alpha worlds. This includes save game data.

The biggest A20 updates include the following. We will explore some of these in more detail.

  • A brand-new version of Random Gen World creation with new cities, city tiles and a part system spawner. You will be blown away by it!
  • Over 200 new POI’s and updates to many of the older POI’s. Over 550 Explorable locations total
  • Navezgane has many city improvements, terrain improvements and new rural and wilderness communities
  • Nearly 25 new HD characters with a couple with improved shaders
  • 6 New weapons and 13 HD remakes with the addition of new primitive pipe weapons
  • Overhauled shape menu with hundreds of new shapes organized and buildable from a simple frame with in-game, creative and level design support
  • Block Placement Improvements
  • We have added a Robotic Drone Companion to carry your extra gear, heal you and more
  • Dynamic Imposter System renders accurate changes to POI’s and player bases at far distances
  • Rendering improvements with 100s of new PBR models
  • Quest Improvements including new restore power night Quests
  • AI Enemy Improvements including city spawning, ducking, obstacle attacks, head tracking and burst attacks.
  • Feral Sense Game options for a completely new game experience
  • Vehicle Improvements with coop passenger support and mods to improve and customize your Vehicles
  • Loot Progression Improvements include a new Loot Stage System, Biome and Tiered POI loot bonuses and early game balance
  • Improved dynamic music and ambient audio system with added new content
  • Improved weather system with more distinct and varying weather
  • Video Options for Anti-Aliasing – Temporal (TAA) and AA Sharpening have been added along with an auto detection system that will set your game settings to better match your hardwares capabilities.
  • Animations have been improved from 1st person to 3rd person to provide a more immersive experience
  • A new Dismemberment system has been integrated with some of the zombies
  • Twitch Integration has been improved with many new commands, voting and more
  • Modding support has been improved with better world editing, level editing, RWG and Server.XML settings and tools

The full list of official 7 Days To Die A20 release notes can be viewed on their website.

7 Days To Die A20 Random Gen Worlds

Random Gen Worlds have been completely refreshed for A20. With a major graphics overhaul, cities, buildings, and roads look even more detailed and realistic. Wildnerness paths connect in a more seamless way to POIs, among many more changes.

  • New districts
  • New RWG tiles
  • RWG now supports 6K, 8K, and 10K maps
  • Town types now include City, Town, Country Town and Ghost town
  • 3 new pre-generated maps
  • XML support for modding

7 Days To Die Alpha 20 Locations

Plenty of new and updated content is available with 7 Days To Die A20. This includes improvements to POIs.

  • 175+ new explorable POIs
  • 25+ refreshed existing POIs
  • 550+ explorable locations
  • 200+ new and overhauled POIs
  • New POIs in Navezgane

7 Days To Die Alpha 20 Characters And Weapons

The devs have been working hard on renewing the characters, including zombies and NPCs in high definition. There are almost 25 new characters including Wight Zombie, Thug Zombie, Dog Zombie, Cop Zombie, and lots more.

As well as new characters, 7 Days to Die Alpha 20 sees new weapons and existing upgraded weapons to HD.

Pipe weapons are early-game weapons that can be crafted in your backpack using basic ingredients. These include Pipe Baton, Pipe Pistol, Pipe Shotgun, Pipe Rifle, and a Pipe Machine gun.

Added to the rifle tier, the Lever Action Rifle uses 7.62mm ammo and offers various mod slots.

Existing weapons have new textures, models, and sounds, including the AK-47, Rocket Launcher, SMG, and many more.

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